El Gran Asador Lecanda is a renovated ancestral kitchen inspired in the customs of the old “Caseríos” and in the rituals of the Basque gastronomic societies, looking to craft a reflection of our history, our culture and our way of life. A cuisine that finds its maximum expression in the traditional Basque grill, iron and fire enveloped in holm oak smoke. From sea to embers.


Either with the classic tubular rods of the Orio grills, where fish are directly laid, or with the Getaria style fish pans, no one handles metal and embers in the kitchen quite like the Basque. Our technique relies on preserving the most out of an already spectacular product around which we gather to eat, drink and sing. Roots and hedonism sharing the table.


The flames of the traditional Basque cuisine admits products only from the proper region and gathered in season, and only then will the expert grill cook be able to work his magic on the sea bream, turbot, sole or on the ox steak. A master’s touch that mixes tradition and cutting edge techniques, using legacy as a stepping stone towards innovation.