With the same adventurous spirit that brought Basque whalers to the coasts of Terranova in the 16th century, we set sail to the depths of the Artic Ocean, looking for our impressive red King crab, an imposing predator known for its delicate texture and tenderness, somewhere in between the spider and brown crabs. Not only that, but the powerful flavor of this animal is enhanced by the fact that we offer only live specimens, providing that highly-sought sweetness of fresh seafood.


In the Gran Asador Lecanda we are pioneers in the instalation of self owned aquariums, a luxurious habitat for the well-being of our crabs, brought over from the Barents sea, just off the Norwegian coasts, guaranteeing the optimal preservation of the quality of our product and avoiding processes like freezing or pre-cooking that might lessen the experience of the diner.